Astra is always being improved,and improving and adding more features.
Astra is entirely built by me, Daniel Kravec. I have spent many hours over the last months, and I intend to have many updates for the future.

Important Information:

Some things that might be most helpful to read

A complete rewrite is coming to Astra is in the works!


  • You can use "$help" for help and get information about commands.
  • Use "$help setup" for help with setup commands (also listed below).
  • Use "$support" for personal support from me.

Astra's Dashboard

Keep in mind that the dashboard is still in development, but you can be sure its 100% secure and safe. Everything is currently in working order, and the design is still being worked on.

Astra's Site

You can vote for Astra or directly invite Astra from!


  • The default prefix is "$"
  • You can set the prefix with "$prefix [newprefix]"

Logs / Portal Messages:

  • Set welcome message (sets to current channel): $setwel [message]
  • Set goodbye message (sets to current channel): $setleave [message]
  • Set Logs Channel: $setlogs [channel]

Just a few Commands inside Astra:

Here are just a few of the many commands inside of Astra.

Moderation Commands:

Astra has lots of different moderation commands. Plus more to come.

  • Ban User: $ban [tag user] (reason)
  • Kick User: $kick [tag user] (reason)
  • Mute User: $mute [tag user] (reason)
  • Moderate User Nickname: $moderate [tag user]
  • Slowmode: $sm [time(s/m/h)]
  • Post an announcement: $announce (channel tag) [announcement]
  • Warn User (currently in beta): $warn [tag user] (reason)
  • Bulk Delete 50 messages: $cc

Fun Commands:

Astra has many fun commands. Here are just some of my favourite.

  • Get a Quote: $quote
  • Check your weather: $weather [location]
  • Check Stock Price (doesn't always work due to API speeds): $stock [symbol]
  • Steal something: $steal
  • Say what you want: $say [text]
  • Mock a certain text: $mock [text]
  • Character Count: $characters [text]
  • Summarize Text: $summary [text]
  • Convert:
    • Convert Temperature (c/f/k): $convert-temp [temp] [convert from] [convert to]
    • Conver Colour (hex/rgb)$convert-colour [tonvert-from] (convert-to) [value (rgb (separate r/g/b) / hex)]

Detailed Logging:

Astra has very high detailed logs that can be useful to your moderators. All you have to do to set all of it up is: $setlogs [log channel], and you will start recieving logs

  • Command Logs
  • Purged Messages Logs
  • Edited Messages Logs
  • Deleted Messages Logs
  • Voice Channel Logs
  • Reaction Logs:
    • Reaction Added
    • Reaction Removed

Coming Soon:

I am always updating Astra, so expect many updates and improvements!

New Website

  • Documentation for Commands.
  • Cool History of Astra.

Admin & Moderation

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Improved warn system
  • Improved user tagging system
  • Auto-mod
  • Disable Commands + Disable Users from Commands + Disable Astra
  • On Join Roles.
  • Reaction Roles.
  • Custom Mute Role Name (next update).

Other Commands

  • Version 2.0 Help Command (try the beta with "$h2 [command]"
  • Slash Commands (currently in beta)
  • Weather Default: Set a default weather location.
  • Message Counter!
  • Levels!
  • Counting!
  • Many more games!
  • Many Fun Commands!